eric smith

engineer and team lead who loves people and stories




Technology: JS, Vue, Nuxt, Node, Express, Postgres, Render, Git, Webpack
  • Product and Engineering lead
  • Building tools to support family growth in loving homes


Tech Lead


Technology: JS, Vue, Node, Express, MongoDB, Heroku, Pusher, Git, Webpack
  • 2nd Employee and 1st Tech/Product hire
  • Building out a new, simpler way to manage projects with Potluck
  • Continued on at GPX as CTO, managing the leadership and project transition for a complex GPS, logistics product




Technology: JS, Laravel (PHP), Node, Vue, MySQL, AWS, Git, Webpack, LESS, Python
  • Founding Engineer.  
  • Built the world's first political crowdfunding platform from the ground up, and raised millions of dollars for grassroots candidates.
  • Launched in US, UK and France.
  • Built sophisticated payments integrations, candidate / election data pipelines, complete social action network, geo-targeted voter tools, surveys, custom CMS / admin interfaces, reporting tools, and systems that accommodated large traffic spikes.
  • Responsible for hiring, managing, and code reviewing for an international remote team of engineers, designers, infrastructure specialists and data scientists.  
  • Oversaw product roadmap, serving as lead on product for different periods in the company lifecycle. Worked alongside C-level leadership translating business goals into technical solutions.

Bistro Studios

Co-founder, CTO


Technology: JS, PHP, MySQL, (mt), Laravel, Vue, Beanstalk, LESS, HTML
  • Co-founded a web development and design firm with clients like Sterling Publishing (Barnes and Noble), The SCAN Foundation, and CAST LA.  
  • Responsible for the build and launch of over 200 websites.  
  • Constructed sites using Convergence (our custom CMS) as well as Wordpress, Drupal, and FoxyCart.


Co-founder, CTO


Technology: PHP, MySQL, JS, (mt), Beanstalk, Postmark, LESS, HTML
  • Built from the ground up a custom SaaS CMS that hosts hundreds of sites and is used by a variety of development firms.
  • Involved in the planning, design, backend and frontend engineering, as well as the support and maintenance.
  • Trained frontend developers who built their sites on Convergence through videos and 1:1s.


Web Team Lead


Technology: JS, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS
  • 1 of 2 project leads in charge of complete site redesign, leading approximately 20 staff members.
  • Implemented new CMS and AJAX overlay e-commerce shopping tool.
  • Developed new internal and external database-driven web applications which increased productivity and efficiency, including wholesale ordering system, event invite / shopping tool, automated site templating tool, project request form system.

Down the Road

Web Developer / Art Director


Technology: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Developed website and branding for documentary film.
  • Traveled to Central America for filming.
  • Through the project, assisted international aid organizations in helping families and students in one of the hemisphere's largest trash dump communities.